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motion detector / presence / wall-mounted / ceiling-mounted
motion detector

Wall or ceiling mount occupancy sensor Passive infrared motion detection Versatile twist-and-lock mounting bracket EMerge Alliance® Compatible Crestron Green Light® sensors deliver a powerful and ...

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smoke detector / wind / flood / surface-mounted
smoke detector

... smartphone and tablet, thanks to the Smart Gateway. GWA1514 FLOOD ALARM - WHITE - IP20 - BATTERY OPERATED - ZIGBEE GWA1512 SMOKE ALARM - WHITE - IP20 - BATTERY OPERATED - ZIGBEE

temperature detector / portable / commercial / wireless
temperature detector

Indoor temperature sensors to benefit from comfort and energy saving. Can be positioned everywhere you want: 2 positions for the suction cup: one for the window glass, one for the window frame or table. Description Thermosunis ...

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motion detector / wall-mounted / ceiling-mounted / commercial
motion detector
5TC7 21_ / 220-0 / 220-1

IP 55 motion detector, 120° to detect and report motion, optionally with or without a brightness threshold taken into consideration, with sensing angle 120°, including masking to limit the capture zone, with range at ...

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SIEMENS Building Automation and Control
motion detector / temperature / wall-mounted / commercial
motion detector

... conditions, including: Sensor charge level Sensor signal strength Sensor offline Can co-exist on Rnet with Carrier’s wired ZS sensors Single-zone controllers can ...

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CARRIER commercial
temperature sensor / wind / surface-mounted / outdoor
temperature sensor

Connection via RS485 interface. Measuring range: Temperature Relative humidity Air pressure Wind direction Wind speed Global radiation ISO 9060 Secondary Standard Pyranometer (CMP10)

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intrusion detector / wall-mounted / outdoor / commercial
intrusion detector

Featuring a customisable design and accurate detection, VX Shield is a series of short range outdoor intrusion detection sensors providing reliability, convenience and security.The VXS series is used to generate an early ...

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OPTEX Europe
pressure detector / submersible / outdoor / commercial
pressure detector
MD 126 / MD 127

... designed to measure levels in liquids such as storm water and wastewater in sump pumps. When the two-wire-loop-powered sensor is connected in series with a DC power supply, the MD 126 generates a 4 to 20 mA output ...

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presence detector / CO2 / ceiling-mounted / commercial
presence detector

... motorised damper controlled by an occupancy sensor R+ pack: made up of an R+E modulating dampercontrolled by a CO2 sensor Use : 1 single terminal unit per occupancy sensor 4 teminal ...

motion detector / surface-mounted / commercial / infrared
motion detector

MAXSYS supports passive infrared request-to-exit detector with X-Y Targeting™ and DSP (Digital Signal Processing)

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Digital Security Controls
rain detector / wind / surface-mounted / outdoor
rain detector

... indication wind/rain sensor is broken or not connected; wind sensor speed regulation; rain sensor to be positioned outside; "priority opening" control which allows, receiving an electrical ...

motion detector / surface-mounted / outdoor / commercial
motion detector

Designed to resist harsh environmental conditions, this detector is ideal for protecting facades thanks to its detection range that can be adjusted to cover up to 24 m. It has 2 sets of detection beams, which can be ...

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motion detector / built-in / outdoor / commercial
motion detector

... The wiring and housing of the sensor is installed adjacent to the ballast and hidden from view behind the reflector cover. Only the PIR detector dome lens and locking ring are visible on the exterior ...

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LEVITON Lighting
presence detector / ceiling-mounted / commercial / passive
presence detector

Passive infrared presence detector for ceiling mounting Square detection area 360° (up to 100 m2) for reliable and easy planning Automatic presence- and brightness-dependent control for lighting and HVAC Mixed light measurement ...

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Theben AG
motion detector / surface-mounted / commercial
motion detector

The numerous design prizes it has won are only one of the many arguments for choosing ARGUS surface-mounted movement detectors. Not only does it provides adequate lighting in areas a good distance from the light switch: ...

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Merten GmbH
intrusion detector / wall-mounted / commercial / PIR
intrusion detector

... Class B compliant Sensor data fusion technology Tri-focus optics technology Active white light suppression The ISC-PPR1-W16 Professional Series PIR Detector is exceptionally ...

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Bosch Security Systems
motion detector / ceiling-mounted / commercial
motion detector

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motion detector / ceiling-mounted / commercial / contemporary
motion detector

Can control up to 15 DALI ballasts It includes 9 pre-programmed modes and other to be programmed Recommended height 2.5 to 3.5 m Angle of opening 82º x 100º It has a trim to be installed surface-mounted ( Remote control ...

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temperature detector / humidity / CO2 / surface-mounted
temperature detector

Dust Sensor 0~500 μg/m³ Ultrafine Dust Sensor 0~999 μg/m³ Co2 Sensor 0~5000 ppm Temperature Sensor -40~+125°C Humidity Sensor 10~95% ...

presence detector / surface-mounted / outdoor / commercial
presence detector

Directional, outdoor photocells with aligning facility and modulated infra-red rays. Professional and recommended for long distances. Highly versatile, it can also replace an embedded photocell, covering any hole in ...

ice detector / DIN rail / commercial
ice detector
EM 524 89

... EN 50022-35 Housing dimensions 106 x 90 x 58 mm (45 mm front size) Housing material PC, UL 94-V0 Weight without sensor and packing approx. 480 g Input push-button 3 (Menu / Value / Enter) Application Ground/Roof Temperature 0 ...

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Eberle Controls
motion detector / intrusion / wall-mounted / commercial
motion detector

... functional PIR detector, and a sharp picture make the motion detector camera pre-pack a time saving and cost effective solution. These cameras are for indoor use only. Features NTSC and EIA versions ...

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Tyco Residential
motion detector / presence / ceiling-mounted / commercial
motion detector
MD-C 360I/24

The Compact presence and motion detectors have successfully built themselves a reputation among our range of sensors as traditional favourites and true all-rounders. Their robust design and high level ...

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presence detector / wall-mounted / commercial / for automatic doors
presence detector
Sensori Entrematic

In order to be able to operate in a safe and stable way, each automation must be controlled and managed by a reliable programming unit that must be designed according to precise guidelines and in-depth analysis of the functions required ...

presence detector / built-in / outdoor / commercial
presence detector

Vehicle detection Powerful and compact presence detector The Alphatronics vehicle detection unit with inductive loop is a powerful and compact presence detector offering a choice ...