conference table touch screen / wall-mounted / folding



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    conference table

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Dynamic3Reverse is a unique electrically foldable 18,5" touch screen monitor with horizontal and vertical working positions. Its tilt angle can be adjusted at any point, from flush on desk up to 80 degrees and it rotates, to be folded down. The back of the screen can be veneered to perfectly match with the desk finish. The monitor has an Interactive Setup Display which provides exclusive features for remote control and remote adjustment; it has DVI-I and DVI-D HDCP compliant inputs and it is extremely compact. It is ideal too be used for interactive meeting, conference and board room applications and it has the advantage to close with the screen facing down. The screen is then protected and the table can be used for other applications. Its totally adjustable tilt angle allows having a perfect vision to the rest of the meeting attendants or to the audience. It is also an ideal solution for auditorium or lecterns. The desired tilt position can be memorized and then recalled. The monitor is built in a solid aluminum block with a black edged glass. It is robust, compact and very elegant. It is exceptionally silent and very easy to install.

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