conference table touch screen / wall-mounted / retractable



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    conference table

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DynamicSignatureDisplay is a retractable digital labeling solution for auditorium, institutions and public communication spaces in general. The product consists in a vertically motorized retractable single or double side stretched screen and a Linux based software which allows an easy display of a picture and name or any digital content in full colour. In the double screen version, the two screens are placed back to back in a compact, anodised aluminium frame, allowing the display of different information on each of them. Thus, the side facing the audience will show the picture and name of the conference participant, while the other side can display necessary data for the viewer. The screens are only visible when needed, and they keep a minimum height, disappearing within the table desk through the push of a button or remotely controlled through RS-485. They provide an extremely fast and silent retractable system, a safety system and require no maintenance. The solution comprises a Linux based software which allows an easy display of picture and text, ideal for name tagging applications over a single CAT-5 cable per screen.

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