conference table touch screen / wall-mounted / folding



  • Applications:

    conference table

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Dynamic3Talk is a multi-position motorised monitor including an independent lift of “gooseneck” type microphones to be easily integrated into board, meeting and conference tables as well as into information counters; a smart combination of design, technology and ergonomics. It is a unique system for furniture integration, totally built in aluminium and glass.

The screen opens and closes with a motorised movement similar to a laptop, with the peculiarity that it can turn 180 degrees. It can be folded into the desk, both with the screen facing up or facing down. In the last case, the back of the monitor housing can be covered with leather, wood, or any type of material to obtain a uniform finish of the table surface.

The Dynamic3 product range provides keyboard, mouse and multi-touch screen as options. When the screen is moving up, a tray is automatically raised and the microphone has an independent mechanism. Thus, the user can choose not only the position of the monitor but also the accessibility to the microphone.

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