urban lamppost / design / cast aluminum / galvanized steel
LOLA by Caveda Granero Romojaro



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  • Material:

    cast aluminum, galvanized steel, painted steel

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Lola is a street lamp that has nothing to do with traditional proposals and maintains a balance between functionality and the expressive nature of the lamp holder. A white plastic rotary moulded cylinder suspended from its generator of an unequivocal origin transmits a classic lighting concept from indoors to outdoors, allowing it to be integrated in different urban contexts.

Homologated as a site furnishing by the council of Madrid in 2006, the Lola street lamp was first installed in Plaza Castilla, Madrid, and later in Plaza del 2 de Mayo in Móstoles.

Protected with IP66 seal, IK08 protection against impacts and protection against transient overvoltages. It can easily be accessed for the inspection of the internal components from the top.

Cylindrical post of 6 and 7 metros in length, made from galvanised, painted steel. White plastic rotary moulded lamp holder that is resistant to UV radiation on an injected aluminium casing and up to three LED modules of 25 W with a built-in diffuser.

Materials: Micro-textured LDPE Polyethylene Anodised cast aluminium coated in Matt Silver Galvanized steel Galvanised steel coated in Silver