solid parquet floor / glued / hardwood / stained

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solid parquet floor / glued / hardwood / stained solid parquet floor / glued / hardwood / stained


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Visible Clip (HH)
Screw (S4S E4E)
Hidden Fastening (FO - recommended for cladding)

Yellowish white sapwood. Yellowish brown heartwood that turns reddish brown with light. Straight grain, often slightly interlocked, and medium to coarse texture.

Untreated hardwood floor.
Stained with Sikkens Cetol WF 771 (floor) or WF 761 (Facade).

Description of the wood
Sapwood Yellowish white.
• Colour Yellowish brown that changes to reddish brown if exposed to light.
• Grain direction Straight, often slightly interlaced.
• Grain Medium to rough..

Technological characteristics
Wet weight 1.050 Kg/m3
Density at 12% humidity 650 Kg/m3 (very heavy)
Dimensional stability
• Volumetric coefficient 0,44% (Moderately grainy)
• Contraction ratio 1,57% (No tendency to warp)
• Hardness (Chalais - Meudon) 3,9 (Semi-hard wood)
• Resistance to static bending 955 kg / cm2
• Elasticity modulus 105.000 kg/cm2
• Resistance to parallel compression 540 kg/cm2
• Resistance to parallel traction 800 kg/cm3
• Fire reaction class Cfl-s1
• Thermal conductivity 0,16 W/(mK)
• Formaldehyde emission E1

Uses and applications
Outdoor furniture in urban gardens and parks. Outdoor woodwork, doors and windows.
Indoor woodwork, doors and windows. Cladding, mouldings, skirtings, wainscots.
Decorative plates.