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recycled plastic solar shading / for roofs / horizontal



  • Material:

    recycled plastic

  • Applications:

    for roofs

  • Other characteristics:



Name: SDTI E-Waste Recycling Facility
Client: Super Dragon Technical Industries
Location: Taoyuan, Taiwan
Date: 2014

SDTI is Taiwan's largest electronic waste recycling institution and works closely with Taiwan's Environment Protection Agency to adhere to the highest standards of waste recycling. MINIWIZ and SDTI cooperated to develop a new mechanical way of separating the materials from e-waste (mobile phones, computers, etc.), thus reducing drastically the environmental impact compared to the usual chemical process. More than recovering precious metals from e-waste, SDTI is now able to retrieve various types of other materials as glass, polymers and other.

The collaboration led MINIWIZ to design and build the new facility of SDTI in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Organized as a campus so to provide the best working conditions to the factory's employees, the facility incorporates building elements innovated by MINIWIZ such as a modular shading system used to protect walking ways and a canopy covering the outdoor areas of the site, subject to extreme weather conditions. Materials recycled from e-waste (circuit board and CDs) were used for the manufacturing of these elements, showcasing few possible usages of these newly recovered materials. The project gave birth to an e-waste recycling facility of a new kind in respect of high standards of environmental protection.

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