natural fiber decorative panel / HPL / for interior / textured
SKELETTBLATTLA by Organoid Technologies



  • Material:

    natural fiber, HPL

  • Applications:

    for interior

  • Finish:


  • Other characteristics:



SKELETTBLATTLA - [skeˈlɛtblàtlà] - natural decorative coating with skeletton leaves:

“The skeletonized leaves with the distinctly projecting stems arouse associations to slender skeletons that could disintegrate to dust with the slightest touch after having been protected in the permanent stone for thousands of years. The dry mineral autumn scent also resembles vanilla with a slight nutmeg touch and hints of cinnamon.” Thomas Bluth, connoisseur.

Creating the leaves requires a lot of patience and meticulous manual work, where first the areas between the veins and the stems are removed in a water bath. Then the sun-dried leaves are arranged and pressed individually piece by piece with defined overlap.

project picture: (c) evabloem - WTC Den Haag

– thickness of coating: max. 0,5mm
– size: 3050x1320mm (10×4,3ft)
– carrier board HPL 0,8mm according to EN 438
– more different backings on request (self-adhesive foil, fleece, transparent…)
– lightfastness: 4 according to ÖNORM EN ISO 105-B02
– overall structure: hardly inflammable B according to EN 13501-1 on demand
– weight: 1,5kg/m²

article number: 0117

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