natural fiber decorative panel / HPL / for interior / textured
ROASA by Organoid Technologies



  • Material:

    natural fiber, HPL

  • Applications:

    for interior

  • Finish:


  • Other characteristics:



ROASA - [roàsà] - natural scenting decorative coating with rose buds:

“Royal rose blossoms, embedded in a landscape of rose buds. Subtle in their appearance from the background, but then pleasantly adhering and auspicious as finest rose scent. Delicately sweet and aphrodisiac. In this way, ROASA presents its qualities – consequent from birth to death.” Thomas Bluth, connoisseur.

The sweet scent and taste of rose blossom tea is a real experience for the senses. Lovers give roses to each other. Nothing portrays the love message better than the tender, sensuous, and at the same time powerful rose blossoms.

Application photo: (c) Sonnentor Kräuterhandels GmbH

– thickness of coating: max. 3,3mm
– size: 3050x1320mm (10×4,3ft)
– carrier board HPL 1,2mm according to EN 438
– more different backings on request (self-adhesive foil, fleece, transparent…)
– lightfastness: 7 according to ÖNORM EN ISO 105-B02
– overall structure: hardly inflammable B according to EN 13501-1 on demand
– weight: 4,3kg/m²

article number: 0110

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