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    frame, modular

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Developed by PERI, the MX tie technology with one-sided tie installation greatly accelerates formworking operations. At the same time, MAXIMO is significantly faster than conventional panel formwork despite the lower site personnel requirements. Due to the innovative tie technology and optimized number of tie points, working time values for the system are verifiably up to 50% less. In addition, the centrally-arranged tie points result in a regular joint and tie pattern both horizontally and vertically.

Faster tie installation
through the one-sided tie technology without spacer tubes and cones

Minimum of anchors
through the optimized tie point arrangement

Improved concrete finish
through the neat joint and tie arrangement

Flexible usable panel formwork with minimal working time values, compatible with TRIO panel formwork
Panel heights up to 3.30 m, panel widths up to 2.40 m (standard); Panel heights 3.00 m and 3.60 m (with MX 18 Tie System; not available as rentable item)
Maximum permissible fresh concrete pressure: 80 kN/m²
Use with MX tie technology for wall thicknesses from 15 cm to 60 cm (wall thickness adjustable on tie)
Use with DW ties for thicker walls
Flush, aligned and tight connections with the BFD Alignment Coupler – including filler timber compensations up to 10 cm
MAXIMO requires up to 40% fewer tie points as conventional systems
Closing of unused anchor positions is not required as each tie point is normally used.
Easy cleaning due to the powder coating of the frame
Improved corrosion protection through cavity protection on the profile inner surfaces