frame formwork / modular / metal / wall



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    frame, modular

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With girder wall formwork, the arrangement of the individual system components can be freely selected. As a result, the VARIO GT 24 can be adapted to suit all geometries and requirements, e.g. tie positions or acceptable fresh concrete pressure. The system is used as project formwork in residential and industrial construction, bridge abutments and retaining walls as well as in particular for architectural concrete parts.

Adaptable to suit all requirements
through the variable arrangement of formwork girders and walers

Also for architectural concrete executions
due to the freely-selectable tie positioning and joint arrangement in accordance with the planning specifications

Continuous adjustment
through the elongated holes in the walers and couplings with flush, aligned and tight panel connections

Flexible wall formwork with the main components: GT 24 Formwork Girder, SRZ / SRZ / SRU Steel Walers, formlining and related connecting parts
Project-related planning and assembly
Flexible panel heights, determined by the length of the GT 24 Girder (standard lengths 0.90 m to 6.00 m in 30 cm increments; special lengths up to 17.80 m)
Flexible panel widths, determined by the length of the SRZ / SRU Steel Walers
Minimizing the number of formwork girders due to their high bending rigidity and load-bearing capacity
Project-specifific construction, adaptable for accommodating a very high maximum fresh concrete pressure
Elongated holes in the steel walers and panel couplings allow 100 % tension and compression-proof panel connections resulting in tight panel joints