protective mortar / for concrete / for masonry



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  • Mortar applications:

    for concrete, for masonry


VANDEX BB 75 is a cementitious, ready-mixed, efflorescence-free surface waterproofer with hydrophobic
properties, resistant to water and moisture. VANDEX BB 75 is applied to surfaces such as concrete, masonry and
render, which have to be sealed and protected against the influence of water and moisture. It may be applied
with a masonry brush, trowel or spray equipment. VANDEX BB 75 is waterproof (tested up to 7.0 bar). It can be
employed against active and passive water pressures. VANDEX BB 75 is safe to use with potable water. When
used on masonry a 3:1 sand cement render is recommended prior to application of VANDEX BB 75.