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patio waterproofing membrane / roll / flexible / with vapor barrier



  • Applications:

    for patios

  • Format:


  • Other characteristics...:

    flexible, with vapor barrier, double-layer

  • Material:

    SBS asphalt, polyester, elastomer


SOPRAFIX® HP is a flexible SBS elastomeric bitumen waterproofing membrane with a stabilized polyester reinforcement, to be mechanically fastened under the method of SOPRAFIX® Bicouche.

The topside of SOPRAFIX® HP is covered by a thermofusible film and the underside is covered with fine sand. The lineage of the fasteners axis on the overlap is 5 cm from the edge. Reliable, fast and easy to install, SOPRAFIX® HP is one of the waterproofing membranes that has been sold the most in France and all over the world. Composed of a elastomeric bitumen reinforcement, SOPRAFIX® HP membranes guarantee an exceptional resistance to tensile strength (600 N per fixation. (essai ATE 06/0033)).

In Technical Approval SOPRAFIX® Bicouche, SOPRAFIX® HP is semi-loose laid by unrolling the membrane and mechanically fastened on the overlaps. All the joints are welded. SOPRAFIX® HP requires a second layer of self-protected elastomeric waterproofing. All the applications are described in Technical Guidelines or Technical Approvals in force.