thermal insulation / synthetic / for flooring / for floors
SR 01



  • Type:


  • Composition:


  • Use:

    for flooring, for floors, concrete floor slab, patio

  • Format:


  • Fire resistance:

    Class E, high-resistance, fire-retardant

  • Options:

    with vapor barrier, lightweight, waterproof, reflective, energy-saving, with UV protection

  • Thermal conductivity:

    0.04 W/(m.K)

  • Thickness:

    4 mm


SPACE REFLEX® foil SR 01 is composed by aluminium SR on one of the sides, with one layer of stanched air bubbles, hermetically closed, in the interior, and one layer of polyethylene sheet on the other side.

SPACE REFLEX® reflective sheet is perfect for the insulation of floors, due to its lightness manageability and easy application, creating the necessary comfort during its construction.
SPACE REFLEX® insulation also acts as an additional waterprofing.