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thermal insulation / wood fiber / for attics / rigid panel



  • Type:


  • Composition:

    wood fiber

  • Use:

    for attics

  • Format:

    rigid panel

  • Fire resistance:

    Class E

  • Options:


  • Thermal conductivity:

    0.041 W/(m.K)

  • Thermal resistance:

    1.9 m²K/W, 2.6 m²K/W

  • Thickness:

    80 mm, 100 mm (3.15 in)


Ideal insulation for attic storage with light footfall
High surface resistance due to special surface finish
Ecological, environmentally-friendly & recyclable
Outstanding properties both in the heat and the cold
Highly permeable
Quick and easy to lay, using conventional tools
Effective storage space with good insulation achieved

Many buildings have been designed with accessible, but not habitable attic spaces. Many households utilise this space for additional storage, by laying boards over the insulated joists. With the introduction of better insulation / energy efficiency requirements, deeper loft insulation is now required.

Boarding the attic and squashing the insulation, will result in reduced effectiveness of the insulation and thus not gain the energy efficiencies required.
STEICOtop not only offers the consumer the desired storage space, but maintains the required insulation properties for energy effectiveness.

Recommended Applications :

Stable rigid thermal insulation made from natural wood fibres.
Suitable insulation for an attic floor.

Material :

Wood fibre insulation produced in accordance with EN 13171 with Quality Assurance monitoring.
The raw materials come from responsibly managed forests certified in accordance within FSC® guidelines (Forest Stewardship Council).