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indoor coating / decorative / acrylic - AIRLESS

SEMIN AIRLESS is an interior finishing coating
designed for Airless projection. It is ideally suited
to the preparation of pre-slabs, walled concrete
and plasterboards before painting.
SEMIN AIRLESS produces a fine, even and regular
finish. To achieve an even better finish

Composition and appearance

pattern coating / interior / waxed cement - ENDUIT-DECO

ENDUIT DECO is a decorative ready-mix interior
coating which can be waxed. With its flexible and
structured texture, it can be applied in a variety of
ways to obtain a multitude of visual effects: fine
trowel finish, rustic trowel finish, sponge or rag

Composition and appearance

indoor coating / decorative / acrylic - KEDOLIS DECOR

Filling and decorative coating in ready-mix paper
paste form for spraying onto interior walls and
ceilings. Masks defects in the surface while producing
a decorative finish. KEDOLIS DÉCOR also offers
thermal and acoustic insulation.

Composition and appearance
Emulsion acrylic resin, mineral filler,...

indoor coating / decorative / acrylic - SOLIDECOR

Filling and decorative coating in ready-mix form
for spraying onto interior walls and ceilings.
Compensates to some extent for irregularities such
as blisters and runs. Can be applied as smoothing
filler or in “droplet” type structured roughcast.

Composition and appearance
Emulsion acrylic...

pattern coating / interior / waxed cement - RAVEN

Plastering mix for both floor and wall, also staircases, worktops, kitchen and bathroom, including shower, hamam,...

indoor coating / decorative / acrylic - TREMCO CP470

Tremco CP470 Soffiguard is a water based flexible coating system, formulated to provide effective protection to plaster and masonry as well as protecting concrete structures from airborne contaminants and pollutants.

indoor coating / decorative / acrylic - GRANIKOT SILICONE

GRANIKOT SILICONE is a superior quality silicone acrylic finishing plaster, with hydrophobic capillary effect, highly weather-resistant and water-repellent with great water vapor permeability. So, it prevents microbial growth. It provides resistance to ultraviolet light...

indoor coating / decorative / acrylic - GRANIKOT SILICONE (SILICONE PLASTER)

GRANIKOT is a superior quality acrylic plaster facade, weather-resistant and with exceptional UV radiation properties. It has excellent adhesion, firmness and elasticity. It's used to protect and decorate exterior...

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