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Challenge nature, defy gravity

Since visionary architecture has always disregarded limitations – why not challenge nature itself? These panels made of volcanic basalt are lightweight and can be worked as easily as wood, e.g. bent without any special pretreatment, and yet they are as robust as stone. With the three authentic looks of 'Mineral', 'Basalt‘ and 'Concrete‘, in a total of eleven design variations, you have a wide range of options available to create visionary façades with an authentic stone appearance.

Material and use

The ROCKPANEL boards are produced from compressed natural basalt, a sustainable and readily available volcanic rock and bonded with an organic binder from which all ROCKPANEL products derive their unique properties. The products combine the advantages of stone and workability wood. The cladding boards are suitable for use as exterior cladding, applications along the roofline and for building detailing.