adhesive mortar / non-shrink / for tiles / lime



  • Type:


  • Mortar applications:

    for tiles

  • Other characteristics:

    adhesive, lime, hydraulic


Ecological solid glue is used for bonding ceramic tiles, and it is ideal as an anchor for insulation boards and non-flooding solutions. Composed of a mixture of lime fat obtained through the thermal processing of limestone in ancient wood oven (LC90), natural hydraulic lime (NHL5), crushed aggregate quarry carbonate, cellulose fiber, styrene resin acrylic <5% according to DIN 18363, natural and graphene additives.
The solid organic glue takes the properties of a breathable natural glue with the necessary consistency of Portland cement. Both for selective use and rehabilitation of ancient facilities.
It is breathable, workable and has non-shrinkage properties at set. Nanotechnology provides good mechanical properties and a perfect and continuous adherence. Great plasticity and easy workability, with manual application CE UNE EN 998-1.
Main characteristics:
Dust density: 0,95.
Paste density: 1,20.
Application rate: 5 kg/m2.
Thickness min.:: 1mm.
Mixing water: 25%.
Thermal conductivity: 0,22W(m/k).
Packs: 15kg+5Kg.
Contains graphene.