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wooden children's bedroom furniture set / unisex



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Different functionalities in the same bedroom
Children’s bedrooms have different, diverse uses. Obviously they are for sleeping in, but they are also for studying, storing things and having fun!
It all gets a bit more complicated when a room is shared by two siblings, since everything is multiplied by 2. In this case folding bunk beds and corner wardrobes are the ideal solution.
Folding bunk beds help you to get metres more space in a children’s bedroom
The beds remain folded during the day for the best possible use of the space and are opened during the night to sleep.
Make the most of your room with the corner wardrobes
Corner wardrobes adapt perfectly to the space available and the AV doors add energy, since you can combine strips of colour to give a modern and unique touch.
The desks are very robust
The metallic structure on this desk gives it great stability and prevents unwanted movement.
More photos of children’s rooms
If the sizes or arrangement of this composition are not suitable for you, you can look at the other photos of folding beds, where you will also find other types of children’s bedrooms to furnish your home.

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