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white children's bedroom furniture set / green / wooden / unisex



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    white, green

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Add an innovative touch to your children’s bedroom
This composition of train type bunk beds is complemented with different drawer modules in several sizes to give more storage space and functionality.
Remember that as this collection has lots of pieces of furniture and accessories, you can also add door modules to give another use to the side areas of bunk beds.
As there are multiple combinations we present the ones that we think are right for you in the following photographs of train type bunk beds.
Lagrama designed guard rail for the upper bed
The upper bed is totally safe with a safety guard that complies with safety regulations; in addition, the sloping ladder makes it easier to get on or off the upper bed.
There are hooks on the ladder to ensure maximum safety and they also make it easy to remove it.
There are a great variety of colours and finishes in this collection and here the apple green colour of the guard is a real feature, as well as the other elements of children’s furniture in this photograph.
A wardrobe with a different height from usual
The wardrobe is 162 cm high which is the same height as the train type bunk beds, so that everything is on a level and in harmony.
This low wardrobe has folding doors so that when you open it everything is on view making it very practical for daily use.

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