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lacquered wood children's bedroom furniture set / unisex



  • Material:

    lacquered wood

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It is a kubox composition,modules have been very well distributed to have a double functionality
You can combine or pile modules to create the structure you please
With kubox collection you can create a bench or steps to organize your bedroom
Moreover, this kubox composition has an excellet quality-price ratio which makes it one of the most requested
This proposal is more traditionsl, but if you like to risk a little more you can see the entire kubox collection with more funny proposals.
Shelvings of all types
As a novelty we present new shelving design to hang horizontally or vertically and can choose between open spaces or gaps with folding doors.
De este modo el espacio de estudio ocupa lo mínimo y todo puede quedar bien ordenado cuando no se esté empleando.
Desk or shelving?
Undoubtedly Secret shelving is the protagonist that in this case is fixed to the wall and can be used individually or as a combination with Flat bunk bed.
In this way the study area occupies the minimum and everything can be well ordered when it is not being used.
Neutral colours
We have chosen neutral colours such as Canyon, Nácar and Titanio for this composition but if you like brighter colours you can see all our finishing in this collection.

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