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    child's, wall-mounted


By stacking modules you can have the children’s room you need
Kubox is a different solution
Do you want an unconventional bedroom? With the kubox system you can stack container modules to make very diverse structures, from platforms for beds to ladders.
Bunk beds consisting of several modules
In this composition we show you a different, fun way to create a bunk bed which does not need the typical additional ladder, since you can reach the upper bed from the lower drawer without a problem.
Colours for every taste
In this photograph we have used more neutral colours but the Life Box children’s catalogue has a wide range of colours and finishes, as well as a great variety of handles that will give great personality to a bedroom.
The panels on the walls help you create a more cosy room
By adding panels you can give personality and colour to the walls, and the desktop seems to float since it has the same finish as the panel.
The Kubox collection has more photos with different layouts.
You can also see other very different options of children’s furniture.

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