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    child's, with shelf, folding


Horizontal folding beds help us take advantage of space
When you don’t have much space in your room one of the best solutions is folding beds, because when they are closed you have more free space for other uses.
It should be noted that Lagrama folding beds are totally safe, since they have a brake and lock system when they are open so that they cannot close by themselves.
This model has a built-in desk whose hardware is concealed and protected to avoid accidents.
This table is very convenient because the mechanism lowers the table horizontally completely so you do not have to remove the things that are on top.
You can see other folding beds, both horizontal and vertical and even with bunk beds.
Fully customisable interiors
You can add shelves to the interior of the bed with built-in led lights, headboards and also folding rails.
As a supplement to take advantage of the upper space over the structure of the bed you can incorporate shelves and uprights with folding or swing doors as you require.
In this photo you can see that on the left side we have also opted for a bookcase with uprights and shelves complete with drawers to make it more functional.
You can combine all the colours and finishes available in this collection.

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