acoustic insulation / thermal / polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam / panel



  • Type:

    acoustic, thermal

  • Composition:

    polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam

  • Format:


  • Fire resistance:


  • Options:



Insulated cellar ceilings for warm feet in residential rooms

LINITHERM PAL KD - with aluminium foil on both sides for fast and simple insulation of cellar ceilings.
LINITHERM PAL KD white - with aluminium foil on both sides. Light is reflected by the white surface of the visible side. Cellar rooms are brighter and more friendly.
LINITHERM PAL KD Top - with aluminium foil on both sides, white-coated decorative chipboard facing on interior surface.
For cellars that are to be used as party, hobby or workroom.

Reliable insulation ...

For warm floors underfoot in living areas
A simple method of eliminating the cold bridge between heated and unheated rooms
Dimensionally stable and pressure resistant
Minimum reduction of room height

... in perfect professional quality ...

With special edge joints
With integral vapour barrier
Full-surface, seamless insulation

... for PUR(E) energy saving

Insulating core made of PUR/PIR rigid foam
Consistently high insulation values (TCL 023)
Optimum insulation with minimum panel thickness
Positive building biology: PUR/PIR rigid foam is free of CFC, HCFC, formaldehyde, and fibres
Positive life-cycle assessment.