panel cladding / natural stone / limestone / smooth



  • Configuration:


  • Material:

    natural stone, limestone

  • Finish:

    smooth, brushed, bush hammered

  • Appearance:

    stone look

  • Color:


  • Other characteristics:

    decorative, durable, insulated


The facade of a house or building is the best visiting card; it is an architectural way of expression that provides its inner identity and stablish the perfect scenario to show the high aesthetics of the natural stone.

Our limestones and sandstones are perfect for claddings outdoor seeking to integrate the design with the environment that surrounds it. Its different color tones and finishes, reconcile the interior spaces toward the style “open concept”, which evokes the Mediterranean environments and spaces.

Utilized during centuries in the architecture, the limestones and the sandstones are timeless, offering an exclusive beauty, as well as comfort and efficiency.

Their resistance to the weather elements positively differentiates them from other natural stones and materials, allowing us to enjoy them for a long time in their use for claddings outdoor, while they continue gaining value and beauty over time. Their benefits as acoustic insulator and in terms of energy efficiency, protect from the heat during the summer and from the cold weather in wintertime, and are perfect for the construction sustainable buildings.

Independently of its use in conventional installations or ventilated facades, we manufacture different formats, sizes and finishes that, in addition to the color of the stone, provide an exclusive personality to your project. The maintenance of the exterior walls with natural stone is not essential, but always recommendable in order to obtain their best performance. Please, consult us and we will advise you about the products you can use.