lime-based coating / protective / natural / hydraulic



  • Function:


  • Component:

    lime-based, natural, hydraulic

  • Options:

    anti-condensation, salt resistant


Stop problems of humidity and salt deposits on every type of damp, new, old or historically and artistically-relevant walls.
Certified Natural Hydraulic Lime NHL plaster, according to EN 459, eco-compatible, suitable for damp-proofing, salt-resistance and anti-condensation treatments on every type of humid walls, both outdoors and indoors.
Where to use it

Walls with evident humidity and salt deposits caused by capillary rising damp
To create anti-condensation plaster

Natural lime-based product, NHL according to EN 459
Suitable to coat all types of walls
Suitable for all types of intervention and the reconstruction of walls of historical or artistic value
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use; it guarantees long-lasting sound and stable restoration
It inhibits the development of any form of condensation
Eco compatible
2 in 1: Rinzaffo and Intonaco in a single solution
Also machine-applicable