pizza dough molder
PF/350 OEM - Pizza System


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Rolling a pizza base by hand requires considerable time, effort and a great deal of experience. Oem simplifies this stage with its hot presses that shape the pizza dough in a quick and uniform manner. Less effort for you and a reliable aid always ready to prepare your bases.


High speed
A base every 3 seconds
Very high output
250 pizza bases per hour (including downtime)
Uniform results
The high quality bases are standard sized. You can stack them before topping without worrying about sticking.
Discs of various diameters and thicknesses
You can adjust the diameter of the disc (range 33 to 50 cm). A knob lets you adjust the thickness of the base.
Pizza with or without a raised edge
The flared upper plate will give your pizza a raised edge; alternatively, the completely smooth plate forms a totally flat disc.
Faster baking times
Hot presses do not prebake the dough, however they do remove moisture so baking in the oven is much quicker.
These powerful, user-friendly hot presses save you the effort of rolling out the dough giving you more time to concentrate on topping and baking. When using dough receiving optimum proofing and fermented with the same care, the correct balance of heat, applied pressure and application time determines the requested quality of the end product.