The mixed ceramic tile Logica Onda has been specially designed by the prestigious Benedito Design for the Iberian Market, with markedly rounded lines and pure lines. This is a high end tile, baked on individual supports H-Cassettes and ...

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reinforced concrete window sill / exterior
reinforced concrete window sill

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balcony with panels / concrete
balcony with panels

The FEHR balcony solution offers the following for both new projects and renovations: compliance with the regulations for handicapped people, attractive appearance, thermal comfort, long-lasting: exceptional durability, increased ranges, removal ...

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glass panel balcony / stainless steel
glass panel balcony

wooden cornice / prefab
wooden cornice

Add all the refinement and precense of a built-in element to even the most basic window configuration with our wood cornices. Constructed with a furniture quality detailing, our cornices are painted or stained for a seamless decorative ...

precast concrete capping
precast concrete capping

Thakeham’s handmade range of caps and coping are available in three colours and due to the manufacturing process have a smoothed finish giving them a superior look to other similar products. Care must be taken when handling them as they ...

glass panel balcony / with bars / glass
glass panel balcony

– Construction material of windowpane profiles: aluminium and secured glass – Type of glass: 6-8-10 mm secured glass or laminated glass – Colour options: RAL or Eloxal colours – Maximum width: 650 mm – Maximum height: 2500 mm

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Sisteme Sticla SRL
prefab cornice / exterior
prefab cornice

Recycled plastic grip blocks from KLP® have a life saving edge and are a supplement to lifebuoys, boat hooks, ropes and ladders. Quayside walls are often too high to hang onto if people fall into a harbour, especially for children. Using ...

glass panel balcony / with bars / steel
glass panel balcony

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wooden prefabricated framework
wooden prefabricated framework

Roseburg RigidRim® Rimboard is used for perimeter framing and load transfer. To manufacture our EWP products, we use fast growing, under utilized, and less expensive wood species; therefore, large old growth trees are preserved. As a ...

balcony with bars / aluminum
balcony with bars

Lumon balcony facade systems consist of modern aluminum balustrades and their integrated balcony glass panes. This is a combination designed to function together. Lumon balcony facades are trendsetters that show the direction where the ...

interior cornice
interior cornice

Cornice for DEKORSYSTEM® architecture, composite material which allows for subsequent "artistry" of an architectural creation, where absent, it also restores "functional and aesthetic structural elements", damaged owing to wear and tear ...

aluminum window sill / exterior
aluminum window sill

Protects external window sills from moisture, thus preventing leakage. Protects external wall rendering from splashes and staining by draining rainwater away from them. The system comprises a purpose-made aluminium drip, with its easily ...

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dani alu
steel portal frame
steel portal frame

Steel structure and concrete elevated basement floor with void space below the floor to allow for movement of expansive soils. Different buildings have different requirements, so not surprisingly there is no 'one steel structure size ...

concrete window sill / exterior
concrete window sill

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cable balcony / stainless steel
cable balcony

balcony with panels / steel
balcony with panels

Balcony base slab, make: BALKOTEC (where necessary in a number of sections). Building material class B1, slip-inhibiting surface, material thickness 28 or 32 mm. Flexurally rigid, hollow-section lateral struts with a footfall-sound-inhibiting ...

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forbis Balkon- und Treppenbau
concrete lintel / reinforced / insulating / thermal break
concrete lintel

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glue-laminated wood portal frame
glue-laminated wood portal frame
by Sevrin Noirefontaine

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Artbois SA
insulating roll-up shutter lintel / for roller shutters
insulating roll-up shutter lintel

Alpac heat-insulating boxes are designed to house any kind of shutter or blind, easily and rapidly, and are manufactured in a wide range, entirely in-house on new-gen Alpac machines. They can be used with all kinds of windows and adapted ...

natural stone window sill / interior
natural stone window sill

Window Sill in Italian Slate Top Quality Certified

stone cornice / prefab / outdoor
stone cornice

Our frames are realized with the use of local stone. For their creation Bianco Cave uses different types of badges that goes from classic to modern, giving to your home the right harmony and architectural style. The processing is made ...

glass panel balcony / aluminum
glass panel balcony
WD 100

This system is a complete glazing system for balconies. It is optimized for Facilities, where on the one hand it gives the architect great discretion, but on the other hand allows particularly fast installations. A complete module frame ...

natural stone cornice / prefab / exterior
natural stone cornice

roof cornice / composite / prefab / outdoor
roof cornice

enables the custom-made realization of all kind of pieces for façades : Angles Belt courses Shunshade Caps Single or double curvature shells Cornices Curved panels Ceilings Piers Machining