panel curtain wall / aluminum and glass / with integrated insulation / high-resistance



  • Type:


  • Construction:

    aluminum and glass

  • Options:

    with integrated insulation, high-resistance, transparent, mirror


Profiles for the construction of façades include a wide choice of mullions and transoms.

The transoms are fixed to the mullions directly by screws, or by transom connector blocks without any machining. The system provides the choice between frontal and progressive installation/semi-unitized.
Transom connector block fixed transoms are drained through holes in pressure plates and cappings, whereas the direct screw-fixed transoms are drained through the mullions (cascade drainage).

The variety and range of its aesthetic variations allow the system to suit any architectural requirement, the dimensions of modules, range of inertia of profiles make the system to adapt to any technical constraints or requirement.

The technical solutions and options of the system reduce fabrication and installation time, while guaranteeing top performance and quality.