thermal insulation / polyurethane foam / interior / rigid panel



  • Type:


  • Composition:

    polyurethane foam

  • Use:


  • Format:

    rigid panel

  • Options:

    with vapor barrier


Over-rafter insulation system for efficient installation with minimum waste, even with irregular roof landscapes

The reliable insulation ...

For roof pitches from 20°
Protection from electrosmog

... in perfect professional quality ...

With integral vapour barrier
With specially shaped edge joints
Two-way use
Cut-offs that occur when insulating covings and dormers are simply turned over and fitted on the opposite side finished. That saves material and time.
With anti-glare surface
With printed grid for fast installation
Thermal insulation plus diffusion membrane
Full-surface, seamless insulation
Installed directly on rafters or boarding
Suitable as temporary roof covering in combination with LINITHERM nail sealing tape

... for PUR(E) energy saving

Protection from heat in summer
Thermal protection in winter
Insulating core made of PUR/PIR rigid foam
Consistently high insulation value of TCL 023
Maximum insulation with minimum panel thickness
Positive building biology: PUR/PIR rigid foam is free of CFC, HCFC, formaldehyde, and fibres
Positive life-cycle assessment