polyurethane (PUR) core two-component insulation board / 1 face in wood / for roofs



  • Core material:

    polyurethane (PUR) core

  • Cover sheet material:

    1 face in wood

  • Applications:

    for roofs


Over-rafter insulation system for efficient installation with minimum waste, even with irregular roof landscapes
The reliable insulation ...

aluminium foil on both sides
Insulation without thermal bridges
To achieve a secondary layer for watertransportation a sarking membrane has to be installed
Protection from electrosmog

... in perfect professional quality ...

With integral vapour barrier
With specially shaped edge joints
Full-surface, seamless insulation
Installed directly on rafters or boarding

... for PUR(E) energy saving

Protection from heat in summer
Thermal protection in winter
Insulating core made of PUR/PIR rigid foam
Consistently high insulation value of TCL 023
Maximum insulation with minimum panel thickness
Positive building biology: PUR/PIR rigid foam is free of CFC, HCFC, formaldehyde, and fibres
Positive life-cycle assessment

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