wall access hatch / for ceilings / rectangular / square



  • Applications:

    wall, for ceilings

  • Shape:

    square, rectangular

  • Length:

    Min.: 200 mm

    Max.: 1,600 mm

  • Width:

    Min.: 200 mm

    Max.: 2,400 mm


Small doors designed with the Wall-Door System
Essential Little and Little Zero are small doors designed with the Wall-Door System, without edging trims and opening through 90° on concealed hinges.

Designed as special doors for closing small spaces, they are the ideal solution to create wardrobes, close storage recesses and hide electrical panels, utility systems, etc.

The models of the Little range have the classic small gap between the frame and the door, while the Little Zero version has no gap. These doors are available in various vertical and horizontal forms, either rectangular or trapezoidal in shape. Trapezoidal shapes are not available for the Little Zero version.

The door can be painted, lacquered or covered with wallpaper, allowing it to be perfectly matched with its surroundings.
Essential Little and Little Zero can be installed on walls of any thickness in both masonry and plasterboard, and can be hinged for opening from the sides, upwards or downwards.

A variety of special closures, trapdoors and inspection hatches have been designed for fitting on plasterboard walls.

Made entirely from plasterboard (frame and cover), these accessories can be installed vertically or horizontally in plasterboard walls only. The closure panel can be painted, lacquered or covered with wallpaper, blending into their surroundings and becoming practically invisible.

Three models are available, with cover and magnetic catches without hinge, with hinge opening through 90°, and with ceiling opening with cover removable towards the interior (for ceiling trapdoors only).