thermal insulation / extruded polystyrene / panel



  • Type:


  • Composition:

    extruded polystyrene

  • Format:


  • Thickness:

    30 mm


Maximum flexibility for bathroom design.
With its narrow pattern of slits on one side, JACKOBOARD® Flexo Plus creative construction board is extremely flexible and ideally suited to the design of tight bends and contours with very small radiuses. Its extruded polystyrene (XPS) foam core makes it water-repellent, and the special coating on both sides permits the direct application of tiles, filler or plaster. JACKOBOARD® Flexo Plus is the perfect construction board for forming very sharp curved contours in rooms with high moisture – and due to its excellent thermal properties, it can also be used as a flexibly formable thermal insulation board.
Product characteristics JACKOBOARD® Flexo Plus:
Made of extruded polystyrene foam
With special coating on both sides
Smallest internal bending radius is 90mm
Board dimensions: 1300 x 600 mm (with lateral slits) and 2600 x 600 mm (with longitudinal slits)
Low weight approx. 3–6 kg/m²
For rooms with high moisture loading

Benefits JACKOBOARD® Flexo Plus:
Ideal for the design of round contours with an extremely tight radii
Highly flexible and extremely pliable
Easy to work with
Tiles, filler or plaster can be applied directly

Ideal application:
Installation element for creating very sharp rounded contours in the bathroom
Can be covered directly with tiles, filler or plaster

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