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Valchromat® decorative panel / wall-mounted / 3D / custom
CONCRETA by Oca Brasil



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Oca Brasil recently launched its Concreta collection of products at the Expo Revestir trade fair held in São Paulo, Brazil on 5-8 March.

According to Luciano Mandelli, head of Oca Brasil, “The new Concreta collection was inspired by the constructivist movement. The coverings are designed to allow countless creative possibilities by mixing colours and layouts with the various patterns the brand offers”.

“Using just three squares, two triangles and one parallelogram from the collection, more than 27 exclusive patterns have been created that can be customised according to the customer’s profile. Made-to-order panels of Concreta can also be produced using the customer’s designs”, said Mandelli.

The responsible of Oca Brasil went on to say that Valchromat was the material used in designing the Concreta collection because Valchromat possesses “two very important characteristics (…): it comes in a variety of beautiful colours and the colouring of the panels is full-thickness. Without these qualities this line of three-dimensional coverings would not have been possible”.

Invited Designers:
Júlio Mariucci, Cláudio Novaes, PS2, Campo, Quadradão, Vicente Gil, Guto Lacaz e Kiko Farkas.

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