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Valchromat® decorative panel / for kitchens



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    for kitchens


Valchromat was the material chosen for covering the walls of the new kitchen of the second series of Ingrediente Secreto. The architect Francisco Fontes, in charge of designing the kitchen, states that Valchromat was used "in its new colour - Light Grey to cover the walls and the kitchen included cabinet doors that were hidden using the same material.

The architect tells us that "colour throughout thickness and high mechanical resistance of Valchromat panels permit the execution of very precise bas-reliefs with excellent colour consistency. Thus, we are able to create narrow lines and edges that connect all visible alignments (horizontal and vertical) in the kitchen, thereby composing a matrix of modular panels.

In this project, the new colour of Valchromat, Light Grey, was used in conjunction with other wood styles resulting in an elegant and sophisticated environment.

We have enhanced the natural features of Valchromat and preserved its colour in a distinct and well-balanced combination with the warm tones of oak (used on the cabinet doors) as well as various shades of grey (stones used for the countertops and the micro-cement floor)," says architect Francisco Fontes.

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