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Valchromat® decorative panel / for false ceilings / wall-mounted
ESPAÇO CASA VOGUE by Marina Acayaba and Juan Pablo Rosenberg



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    for false ceilings, wall-mounted


The 2012 Mostra Black fair gathered over 20 renowned architects, interior designers and landscapers, who created 22 environments presented in a modern house from the 1960s.
The firm who organised this project, AR Arquitectos, wanted to rework the white cube typical of art galleries. Therefore, for the Espaço da Casa Vogue at Mostra Black 2012, the architects Marina Acayaba and Juan Pablo Rosenberg thought up a black box completely lined in Valchromat, with clearly defined flashes of colour that transports whoever visits the space into other dimensions.
According to the architect Marina Acayaba, the Espaço Casa Vogue is an “ephemeral art gallery,” where the atmosphere is created starting from “monochromatic volumes” which explore the “simple language” and versatility of Valchromat through the “chance to use just one material and colour on the floor, ceiling and walls.”
Pointing out the relevance of the flashes of colour in the black box of this unique art gallery, Marina Acayaba says, “an orange tunnel transports the viewer to the dimension of the black cube, contrasting with the white cube of art galleries. The blue patio is a cut-out of the sky, inviting one to stop and contemplate.”

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