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Valchromat® decorative panel / for furniture
LIKE IT by Julio Bernardo and Michal Lacko



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    for furniture


It created several pieces of furniture for its new collection, which are practical, stylish and of innovative design, combining some of the colours of the Valchromat range: black, violet, red and blue.

The Like It desk, called “Le bureau”, is described by its designers as follows: “A tool for reflection and a space for creation, it reflects the light and puts ideas into perspective through the elegance that identifies its lines. New needs, new design: the reduced size of offices take into account technological development and space limitations." Like It chose to combine Valchromat with wood in the production of this desk.

Like It is an environmentally-friendly studio that operates in harmony with sustainable development criteria, which is why it chose to use Valchromat in its designs, "as it has E1 certification and meets the highest standards of environmental protection”.

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