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Valchromat® decorative panel / for furniture / lacquered / varnished
POP'S CONTEST by Danilo Olim



  • Material:


  • Applications:

    for furniture

  • Finish:

    lacquered, varnished


In the designer’s opinion, “Valchromat is, without a doubt, a huge advance in wood fibre panels as the material makes it possible to create furniture with a high degree of strength and malleability and it incorporates full-thickness colour.”
In the pieces submitted, produced by Eurostand, Olim used a new colour in Valchromat range that was launched at the end of March, Valchromat Light Grey. Olim went on to say that “Valchromat has turned out to be a fantastic material, in terms of both its mechanical behaviour and the finishing possibilities it allows”.
“We have used Valchromat in its natural colour and also with a lacquered finish”, says Olim. For piece #24, a sideboard, the designer used Valchromat Light Grey with a white lacquer finish, while maintaining the original Valchromat colour on the inside of the piece to give it an interesting visual contrast. For piece #21, a long, comfortable, ergonomic lounge chair that can be converted into a rocking chair by rotating the front piece, Valchromat Light Grey was used with a varnish finish.
Olim concludes by saying that Valchromat “offers us a very interesting colour palette, allowing our customers a wide choice of final finishes without having to resort to paint.”
Danilo Olim won in the furniture category of the POPs Competition with piece #17.

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