public bench / contemporary / concrete / with integrated planter
GODOT by los díez



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    with integrated planter

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    95 cm, 155 cm, 215 cm (37.4 in)


The Godot bench is made from concrete and constructed by adding two modules with different dimensions. The element that each part has in common is a semicircular opening at each end, creating an empty space inside the seat where the tree grows, while it also invites users to approach, sit down and relax in the shade.

The Godot bench was designed based on the idea of creating an urban furniture element that would reflect the uniting of two halves beneath the shade of a tree, as occurs with the characters Vladimir and Estragon in the play “Waiting for Godot” by the Irish author Samuel Beckett. In the play, Beckett makes only a brief reference to the scene: a country lane and a tree. So Díez+Díez Diseño and Escofet added a bench to the scene in order to make the eternal metaphor of waiting more comfortable.

The Godot benches serve as a seat and a tree guard for existing and newly-planted trees. They also serve as plant pots when supported on a structure. The collection includes modules with different lengths. A single one of 95 cm, a double one of 155 cm and a triple one of 215 cm. They can all be combined with each other to form up to six different aggregations, leaving a circular space in the centre for an existing or a newly-planted tree.

Non-reinforced dry-mix concrete. Etched finish and colour in accordance with the standard Escofet colour chart. The modules are arranged in pairs joined by two metal plates screwed to metal sleeves recessed inside the opening. The non-anchored pairs simply rest on the paving or sand.

Materials: Etched and waterproofed Concrete Stainless steel AISI 316L

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