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grating cladding / metallic - DOKA-BARRETTE 8914

Weight: appr. 6,5 kg/m² (1,33 lbs/sqft)
Open area: appr. 68%
Main application: Façade,...

grating cladding / metallic - DOGLA-TRIO 1011

Weight: appr. 8,5 kg/m² (1,74 lbs/sqft)
Open area: appr. 66%
Main applications: Façade,...

grating cladding / metallic - DOGLA-TRIO 1032

Weight: appr. 4,4 kg/m² (0,89 lbs/sqft)
Open area: appr. 75%
Main applications:...

grating cladding / metallic - DOGLA-TRIO 1033

Weight: appr. 6,5 kg/m² (1,33 lbs/sqft)
Open area: appr. 67%
Main applications: Façade, Ceiling,...

blade cladding / aluminium / metallic / for ventilated facades - LINIUS® L.033.01

Extruded aluminium profile for light duty with a 33.3 mm pitch. Normally used for smaller surface areas, round and special shapes.

Aluminium extrusion, alloy EN AW 6063...

blade cladding / metallic / aluminium / for ventilated facades - LINIUS® L.050.00

Heavy-duty extruded aluminium profile at 50 mm pitch with very high air flow.

Often to be found...

blade cladding / metallic / aluminium / for ventilated facades - LINIUS® L.066.01

Heavy-duty extruded aluminium profile at 66 mm pitch with high air flow. The largest of the “small” format louvres retaining high air flow characteristics whilst providing a significant degree of weatherability.


blade cladding / metallic / aluminium / for ventilated facades - LINIUS® L.066.06

- Anodised (20 micron)
- Polyester powder coating RAL or Syntha Pulvin® colours (60 - 80 μ/40 μ (UK))


metallic cladding / aluminium - REYNOLUX – ALUMINIUM PANEL FOR FACADES


Reynolux® is a prepainted aluminium sheet or coil manufactured through the coil-coating process. It is a tremendously versatile product. It is suitable for roofs, facades and many other interior and exterior applications. It can be used in new construction as well as for renovation.

The simple processing, the extraordinary resistance to UV rays and the good...


Reynobond® XXL

Reynobond® XXL gives you the world’s first aluminium composite panels that are 1750 mm or 2000 mm wide. This opens up countless new design possibilities for architects and metal workers.

Most convincing are the aesthetic...


Elegant clarity the BRUSHED Aluminium Natural surfaces reflect this trend in architecture and design. They show the typical sheen of aluminium, which reveals its full effect according to the light and changes in perspective.

There is a selection of two pure aluminium...


Reynobond® NATURAL Design

Natural surfaces are right on trend. Reynobond® surfaces are inspired by nature, and can give to projects that special natural touch while offering all the familiar benefits of Reynobond® aluminium composite panels and Reynolux® aluminium sheeting.



Reynobond® EFFECTS

By using Reynobond® EFFECTS designs get that special touch, all the advantages of Reynobond® aluminium...

strip cladding / metallic - HAIRPLAN 300

With their design versatility and optical elegance, sidings are the most economic solution to design...

strip cladding / metallic - ST 200 F

With their design versatility and optical elegance, sidings are the most economic solution to design...

strip cladding / metallic - LINEAR-O

With their design versatility and optical elegance, sidings are the most economic solution to design...

strip cladding / metallic - ABYSSE


Folded, pressed and rolled Abysse combines all our technology...

strip cladding / metallic - BAINE

With the density of its shapes, Baïne enhances façades and roofs...

strip cladding / metallic - BAINE

RHEINZINK seam systems are used to join individual sections lengthwise. The angled standing seam is the standard...

strip cladding / metallic - BAINE

The group of RHEINZINK small-format tiles is made up of square and diamond tiles. Design solutions can even be found for buildings with complicated geometries thanks to the small size of the individual components....

zinc cladding / metallic - RHEINZINK-REVEAL

The special advantage of the reveal panel is the free selection of widths between 200 mm - 333 mm and the...

zinc cladding / metallic - RHEINZINK-REVEAL

Featuring the flowing lines of the classical sine wave, corrugated profiles are characterised by...

cassette cladding / zinc / metallic - K 25

The use of cassettes in curtain-wall facades originated from the development of large-format components for especially fast, cost-efficient...

metallic cladding / aluminium - QC25-10

The QuadroClad™ System is a unique, openjointed cladding system based on rainscreen technology. Integrated channels provide ventilation that enables rain and condensation to drain behind the cladding surface, ensuring...

metallic cladding - QC25-15

The QuadroClad™ System is a unique, openjointed cladding system based on rainscreen technology. Integrated channels provide ventilation that enables rain and condensation to drain behind the cladding surface, ensuring a much cleaner façade...

aluminium cladding / metallic / insulated - QC ZINC

The ultimate appearance: Zinc as a traditional and natural material processed in first rate manner. It enables the creation of unmatched large zinc façade elements with extremely flat panel surfaces. Its the new extension of high performance HunterDouglas®...

metallic cladding - 200T/U-600T/U

Hunter Douglas 200T/U-600T/U Multiple Panel Façade is a cladding system based on rainscreen technology. The different panel types and dimensions provide the designer a wonderful range of linear panels with which every façade can get its own and unique appearance.



metallic cladding / aluminium - 84R

The HunterDouglas® 84R Panel System is a classic system ideal for straight, curved or angled façade applications and has an elegant and light appearance with smooth rounded edges.


* Single...

metallic cladding / aluminium - 84R

Kalzip roof and facade systems are available in a variety of profile types and shapes, which not only guarantee reliable protection against the weather, but also make it possible to create visually stunning and highly individual architectural designs. Kalzip profiles can...

aluminium cladding / metallic - FC

The Kalzip FC façade system is a newly-developed combined panel/system holder building...

blade cladding / aluminium / metallic / for ventilated facades - FC

A particular advantage of this system is that, in case of damage...

metallic cladding / aluminium / insulated - TF

The sleek profiling of this facade system enhances the sophisticated interplay of light and shade across the facade surfaces, at the same time creating a distinct and unique overall appearance with a real sense of clarity. The Kalzip...

metallic cladding - FALZINC®

Cavity ventilated roof structure (Roof with air circulation)
The cavity ventilated roof is the ideal structure for FalZinc....

metallic cladding - AMERICAN HERITAGE CENTER

Conceived in 1986 and completed in 1993, the American Heritage Center by acclaimed architect Antoine Predock is a unique structure which pays tribute to its locale, Laramie, Wyoming. Predock describes it as a "mountain, detailed like an airplane wing and aerodynamically...

metallic cladding - ARGOSY CASINO

In the southeast corner of Indiana, along the Ohio River and adjacent to Ohio and Kentucky, a casino designed by BDMD Architects and clad in metal by Zahner, the architect's design successfully replicated the region's old structural steel trestle bridges. The exterior...

metallic cladding / steel - ARKANSAS HOUSE

This project in Northwestern Arkansas by acclaimed Architect Marlon Blackwell was completed in 2004 using Zahner premium weathering steel product, Solanum™ Steel. The architect's...

stainless steel cladding / metallic - ART GALLERY OF ALBERTA

The Art Gallery of Alberta (AGA) is located in downtown Edmonton, in the province of Alberta, Canada and was designed by Randall Stout Architects with architect of record HIP Architects .
A massive ribbon of stainless steel wraps around and through the building serving both functional and visual architectural elements. Dubbed "The Borealis", this represents the northern lights,...

aluminium cladding / metallic - ART WALL AT DOHA

Completed in the Summer of 2010, Helix is a project designed by artist Jan Hendrix, produced with architectural firm Legoretta & Legoretta of Mexico. Zahner engineered and produced the painted aluminum panels and substructure in Kansas City and shipped the completed...

steel cladding / metallic - URANUS® 2304

The alloy UR 2304 has similar corrosion resistance properties similar to 316L. Furthermore, its mechanical properties i.e. yield strength, are twice those of 304/316 austenitic grades.


metallic cladding - INDATEN®

Indaten® is steel with improved resistance to atmospheric corrosion. When used uncoated and in the case of exposure to bad weather,...

metallic cladding - HOT DIP

Steel with a pure zinc coating.

This is hot or cold-rolled steel with a zinc coating applied by a continuous hot-dip galvanising process, which gives excellent corrosion resistance and very good formability....

steel cladding / metallic - GRANITE®

ArcelorMittals Granite® range comprises a series of standard organic coated products for roofing and cladding.

Granite® Standard
Good corrosion resistance and good formability, smooth surface appearance

metallic cladding / steel - SOLANO®


- Corrosion resistance: Solano® is supplied on a special metallic coated protective substrate that provides corrosion resistance -even on cut-edges.

- Advanced colour fastness: Thermoplastic paint technology...

steel cladding / metallic / fireproof  - FW 50+BF

The FW 50+ BF and FW 60+ BF multi-purpose fire-resistant façades are compatible with all vertical façades and skylights for resistance classes F30 and G30....

metallic cladding / steel / fireproof  - FW 50+BF AOS

The Schüco FW 50+ BF AOS and FW 60+ BF AOS steel addon fire-resistant façade systems can be used for vertical façades in fire resistance classes F30 and G30. The identical internal and external face widths allow these systems to be combined perfectly with the standard FW 50+ and FW 60+ façades. The...

metallic cladding / steel / fireproof  - VISS®

VISS® Fire is the system for all fire-resistant classes E130 and E190, E30, E60 and E90, with an attractive look. There is total compatibility as all glazing faces are identical, even with the standard VISS® façades.

Benefits at a...

mesh cladding / metallic - SIERRA PAPA SMALL

A large number of industrial monuments were destroyed in the great fireworks explosion in Enschede (2002). With the explosion came the destruction of a large part of Enschedes textile...

mesh cladding / metallic - SIERRA PAPA SMALL

Through its dimensional structure the metal fabric GOLF SIERRA small is particularly suitable as solar...

metallic cladding / integrated LED - GOLF ROMEO LARGE

The front of this garage is furnished in GOLF ROMEO large. The textile is very strong and transparent,...

metallic cladding - GOLF ROMEO SMALL RVS

The Bee Pavilion (Bijenpaviljoen, Floriade 2012) is an abstract beehive. To achieve this effect the architects...

aluminium cladding / metallic - ALUCOBOND® DESIGN

ALUCOBOND® now allows a new freedom of design that lets inspiration come true on the building envelope. Design your individual décor and we will realise your concept with ALUCOBOND® design on the building.

In addition, there is the possibility to choose designs from our existing décor collection to...

zinc cladding / metallic -

The traditional standing seam system allows long strips of profiled VM ZINC® to be assembled by forming single or double folds on the upstands. The sheets of VM ZINC® are laid on continuous...

zinc cladding / metallic -

The system belongs to the rain-screen family (wall cladding installed with a ventilated air space).
This self-supporting system can easily be installed on a non-continuous framework for both new and refurbishment projects. It involves installing interlocking VM...

metallic cladding / zinc / with stapled joints - VMZ PROFIL AGRAFÉ

The system involves laying the panels on a compatible wooden framework fixed to the supporting structure (masonry or metal structure).

It consists of a wall system of factory-formed panels. The rectangular-shaped...

zinc cladding / metallic / corrugated - VMZ PROFIL SINUS

It involves installing the VMZ Sine wave panels on a metal framework fixed to the supporting structure. The VMZ sine wave panels provide increased freedom of choice and...

zinc cladding / metallic / shingles - VMZ ADEKA® FACADE

Cladding system made from small pre-formed lozenges featuring a unique locking key.

Key advantages

metallic cladding / steel - ATENEA

Europerfil's Architectural façade profile ATENEA 5.202.44, strip shape, 44 mm border...

zinc cladding / metallic - NEDZINK NATUREL

Smooth rolled titanium zinc in sheets, coils and strips
NedZink NATUREL is a durable, aesthetic and...

metallic cladding / zinc / titanium - NEDZINK NOVA

NedZink NOVA is NedZink titanium zinc that undergoes a patination process to give a fully natural colour. The uniform medium-grey surface of NedZink NOVA originates after a chemical surface treatment following...

metallic cladding / zinc / titanium - NEDZINK NOIR

Pre-weathered titanium zinc in anthracite black colour
NedZink NOIR is NedZink zinc titanium which is already pre-weathered...

titanium cladding / zinc / metallic - NEDZINK NOVA STRUCTURE AMSTERDAM


NedZink NOVA STRUCTURE is NedZink titanium zinc subjected...

metallic cladding / zinc / titanium - NEDZINK NOVA STRUCTURE BRASILIA


NedZink NOVA STRUCTURE is NedZink titanium zinc subjected...

metallic cladding / aluminium - MIRABUILD®

As a result of ongoing innovation, MIRALU are proud to launch a new brand for the architectural aluminium market: MIRABUILD®.

MIRABUILD® provides architects and end users with a range of new pearlescent...

aluminium cladding / metallic - FALZRIPP®

(Almost) anything is possible if you use FALZRIPP® aluminium standing seam systems to realise the design of innovative architectural...

aluminium cladding / metallic - ALUFALZ®

With our product lines ALUFALZ® and ALUFALZ® pro, Aluform...

aluminium cladding / metallic - ALUDECK®

In ALUDECK® roof systems, the high corrosion resistance and low weight of aluminium are combined with a innovative time-saving turn-in connection technique. Aludeck profiles are...

metallic cladding / sheet metal / corrugated - 18/76

Sinusoidal aluminium profiled panels create extraordinary looks. Regardless of whether the waves are large or small, the natural curved shape of the sinus arcs makes any facade - interior...

metallic cladding / sheet metal / corrugated - 35/137

Sinusoidal aluminium profiled panels create extraordinary looks. Regardless of large or small waves, the natural curved shape of the sinus arcs makes any facade - interior or exterior...


How to choose this product


Metal siding is an exterior wall covering made of steel, aluminum, zinc or another material. The three broad types are single-skin, double-skin and sandwich panel. Elements can be installed horizontally or vertically. ArchiExpo lists metal siding under the Facade heading. There is a large selection of forms and colors, both galvanized and pre-lacquered.


These elements are more often used for commercial and industrial buildings than for dwellings. They ensure mechanical integrity, impermeability to air and water, thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as offering aesthetic qualities.

How to choose

Building type and architectural environment will determine the choice of metal siding. Other criteria include the project's needs and budget, as well as the required thermal insulation.


- Great variety of form and color


- Prejudice against its "industrial" look

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