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glass ventilated facade / aluminum



  • Material:

    glass, aluminum


Facade profiles are used as load-bearing structure in the glazing facade.Aluminium wall profiles differ among themselves in three ways to connect the fill solution and profiles.it is a continuous (polygonal), semi-structural and structural systems, profiles and accessories.These profiles, in addition to glazing facades, for aesthetic reasons, can also be used for interior and exterior decoration.FEAL in the production program has a wide selection of profiles for the continuous cladding profiles thereby giving its customers the choice of the optimal solutions for their construction.Feedstock for the production profile is a primary aluminum AlMgSi0 5, which allows you to achieve maximum quality in terms of surface protection profiles and the overall functionality of the system in general. Nominal widths of 50 and 60 mm for vertical and horizontal profiles make it possible maximum freedom in design, which is the aim of modern architecture
Common features :
chamber bonds for 'Euro groove "
primary alloy AlMgSi 0.5 ,.
surface protection is anodizing or plastyfing
polyamide sticks 14 mm, 22 mm, 34 mm,
seal of quality EPDM peroxide vulcanization

Double skin facade is composed of two glass facades which separates the ventilation gap or area
. This facade solution offers a number of advantages to a longer shelf life to the use of the solar
energy for heating. The sun is the main cause of warming during the summer, which penetrates
through glass surfaces excessively warming rooms in which we live, and this facade allows us
to prevent that warming or to use it.The biggest advantage of the double over the single facade is in less energy for cooling or heating of the building.