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aluminum and glass curtain wall / glass
CITYPOINT by Sheppard Robson Permasteelisa



  • Construction:

    aluminum and glass, glass


Project Feature

CityPoint was, at the time of construction, the largest single commercial office building in the City of London, being a major redevelopment of the existing, 36-story Britannic House. The 127 m CityPoint Tower was the third tallest building in London. Two low-rise extensions flank the tower creating two 12-story galleria and a ground floor winter garden with sloping, glazed roofssupported by structural steelwork elegantly encased in aluminium. CityPoint provides 65,000 sqm of office, retail & restaurant space. The tower has an arched roof with cantilevered buttresses. A large, glass “eyelid” canopy covers the main entrance.

Scope of Work

42,000 sqm of curtain wall

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